Innovative customer support solutions

AI Chat provides customer support solutions like no other, increase your conversion rate by giving your customers the best.

  • Instant responses and 24/7 Availibility
  • Efficient Handling of Repetitive Questions
  • Gain deeper understanding of customers and act accoridngly
  • Slash customer service cost
  • Valuable Feedback Collection
  • Boost customer satisfcation rates
  • Create meaningful customer interactions
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Increase and Automate Sales

Our AI chatbots are designed to supercharge your sales efforts. With intelligent automation, personalized recommendations, and seamless customer support, you can easily engage potential customers, guide them easily through the process

  • Capture viable information and nurture potential customers
  • Provide Personalised Reccomendation
  • Proactive Engagement and Upselling
  • 24/7 Availibilty
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Lead Generation and Marketing

Unlike manual lead generation processes, AI chatbots 24/7 , engaging with prospects and capturing valuable information effortlessly.

  • Ask targeted questions to qualify leads
  • Provide Personalised Reccomendation
  • Proactive Engagement and Upselling
  • 24/7 Availibilty
  • Easily send marketing campaigns via email, chat, and text
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Keyword based responses

With intelligent automation, you can set up unlimited keywords to trigger automatic responses in chat. AI will provide instant and accurate answers to customer queries, so you can focus on other tasks.

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Time bound chat triggers

You have complete control over when the chat box appears, so you can show it to visitors at the perfect time to close the sale.

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Automated custom chat messages

Personalize your chat messages to greet customers by name, location, phone number, or email. This will create an instant connection, capture their attention, and drive engagement.

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Accelerate internal operations

AI chatbots can revolutionize your company's internal operations. Experience a new level of productivity and seamless operations with AI chatbots at the heart of your internal processes.

  • Assist in the recruitment process by handling initial inquiries
  • Make data-drive decsions by analysing customer insight data
  • Scale customer support operations to handle large volumes of enquiries
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Unlimited users and conversations.

Pay once, use forever

  • Deploy on any website
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Easy to use and feature-rich
  • No need of technical expertise
  • No monthly charges

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You are few steps away from using AI in your business

  • Conversational AI chatbots
    AED 12,000 AED 5775 (Inc. VAT)
  • Tailor made responses
  • Real-time voice chat with AI Humans
  • Auto-Detect Location for Multilingual Chat
  • Keyword based responses
  • Time bound chat triggers
  • Automated custom chat messages
  • Unlimited chat session
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited agents
  • No monthly fees

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